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gmorgan is a rhythm station, a modern organ with full editable accompaniment for play in real time emulating the capabilities of commercial rhythm stations “Korg”,”Roland”, “Solton” ... also has a small pattern based sequencer like “Band in a Box”. Uses the capabilities of ALSA sequencer to produce MIDI accompaniment.

Linux Requirements: ALSA, FLTK, an optional Midi Keyboard.

NEW Win32 version 0.24 available here

Check these specific shots out for more detail or see the documentation (pdf or html) for all windows screen shots: Main Window, Sequencer Window

gmorgan ChangeLog

v0.26 ( / /2006)

  • Add Solo button functions.

  • Rewrite skin code to change aspect selecting in config

v0.25 (08/11/2005)

  • Debian package

  • Swing-Waltz and Swing-Walt2 Patterns and AllBlues song from Peter Hübner added

  • Added support for JPEG and PNG in win32.

  • Added tones of variations in StyleLib.

  • Fixed bug in win32 StyleLib.

  • Polyphonic Accs improved.

  • Import Midi improved.

  • Fixed bug in length notes Acc1 importing Midi Files

  • Fixed bug importing Midi Files

v0.24 (08/07/2004)

  • Re-arranged patterns.

  • Ported code to win32, same features, as linux, sources will be distributed separately but enhancements will be applied to both distributions.

  • Fixed bug reading Style Library filename.

v0.23 (22/06/2004)

  • Fixed bug in song sequencer finish point.

  • Clean code.

  • Added shortcuts to keyboard window.

  • Added go to first bar button in sequencer window.

  • Small modifications in some patterns.

  • Hide cursor in Drum and Control Edit.

  • Fixed bug when display Sound Names.

  • Fixed range of Modulation Control.

  • Improved panic function.

  • Added locale.h in main.C to fix compilation problems.

  • Added Reset Controllers when pattern change.

  • Updated README and inside Help with ld10k1 contents in order to obtain chorus and reverberation effects in a emu10k1 device.

  • Fixed bug selecting Drums Instrument and Control type.

  • Some patterns modified.

v0.22 (27/01/2004)

  • Improved Control Edit Window.

  • Improved Drum Edit Window.

  • Fixed Bug in Copy Bars.

  • Inside Help better translated (Thanks to Andreas Kilgus).

  • Fixed bug in sequencer repetitions.

  • Added Chord Display in sequencer window.

  • Fixed Bug in BankLSB.

  • Fixed bug in auto-connect, now connect into the specified port.

  • Improved Mode 2 in minor chords.

  • Improved 6 Chord in harmonization.

  • Added distinction between triad and cuatriad chords in harmonization

  • Fixed bug in Sequencer Bars Counter.

  • Changed dangerous mode 1 in some patterns and remixed.

  • Added Mini Skin

  • Added more skin functions

  • Fixed Bug in sequencer bar count.

  • Added Master Tempo Track in the sequencer.

  • Changed the way to add entry's in Guided Pattern Window.

  • Added two new skins. (Best for high resolutions).

  • Added four new skin functions.

  • (Red/Green) Led added to sequencer window.

  • Clean up code.

  • Speed up the pattern change.

  • Removed old parts of code.

  • Reduced the amount of memory needed 8 Mb less.

  • Fix bug in Midi Controller Message.

  • Updated inside help.

  • Removed Drum part in Edit Pattern Window.

v0.21 (06/01/2004)

  • Internal help updated.

  • Convert old patterns saving, and reloading.

  • All patterns released with BankMSB = 1

  • FluidSynth don't needs any pattern change.

  • gmorgan changed for compatibility with all the soft-synths.

  • Fixed Bug in Bank change.

  • Fixed bug saving settings.

  • Source code split, for made easy the future development.

  • Reduced the amount of memory needed 8 Mb less.

  • Removed all the threads, program runs only in one thread.

  • Improved the start of the program.

  • Fixed Bugs in sequencer.

  • Added Pattern change list.(Edit-Load-Save, pattern changes in main window play),

  • Main window Pattern Bar Display, now displays TOTAL bars played.

  • Reduced the amount of resident memory usage.

  • Fixed bug in MIDI IN display.

  • Reduced the amount of memory usage again 29Mb less

  • Removed "v" button, now in Edit Menu.

  • Added Pattern Generator Window.

  • Added Pattern Generator Library.

  • Fixed small errors in look.

  • Optimized code to fix format strings.

  • Fixed bug in Note Drum Name Editor.

  • Fixed bug in Preset List Editor.

  • Fixed bug in main menu.

  • Added German .po file. Thanks to Andreas Kilgus.

  • Reduced the amount of memory used again 5Mb less.

v0.20 (27/12/2003)

  • Final improvement converting MIDI files to harmonic tracks.

  • Added RioFunk Patterns and Style, thanks to Guy Clotilde.

  • Bug solved playing high and lower notes.

  • Fixed bug when open sequencer.

  • Removed warning in compilation.

  • Default Bar of Start of importing 1.

  • Bug fix importing (*.MID).

  • Minor bug fixed open sequencer.

  • Drastically reduced the amount of memory used (67% less).

  • Improved the way of convert MIDI files to harmonic Accs.

  • Bug Solved playing highs or lower notes in pattern.

  • Bug Solved loading one Pattern.

  • Changed to automake-1.6 for solve compile errors.

  • Updated pot files.

  • Upgraded help.html and help-es.html files.

  • Added Modes to import for Bass and melodic accompaniments.

  • Rewrite Import MIDI files.

  • Removed links in m4 directory and copied the files as suggest of Andreas Kilgus, hope this solve the compile problem in Suse.

  • Import Pattern Bass from MIDI file.

  • Updated pot files.

  • Import Pattern Drums from MIDI file.

v0.19 (21/12/2003)

  • Added French .po file.

  • Removed warnings in compilation.

  • Docs updated.

  • Solved bug with "Not Connected".

  • Updated gmorgan.pot.

  • Added full documentation in sxw and pdf format in Spanish.

  • Small GUI improvements.

  • Changed About and splash screen.

  • Added help-es.html, inside help translated to Spanish.

  • Updated help.html file.

  • Solved bug in command line.

  • Added Spanish .po file.

  • Internationalized with Gettext.

v0.18 (10/12/2003)

  • Improved some speed graphic things

  • Changed skin Aluminium, now uses less memory.

  • Pattern File Format changed again.

  • Pattern File Format changed, improving speed to load gmorgan.

  • Added function to clear control in control edit.

  • Added function to clear instrument in global drum edit.

  • Added Menu entry Edit for access all the edit windows.

  • Added extensive documentation in pdf and OpenOffice formats, thanks to Gilles Maire.

  • Solved bug in sequencer play.

  • Rewrite splash screen code.

  • Arranged Help html document.

  • Added Pattern.

v0.17 (22/09/2003)

  • Rewrite Sequence Export MIDI files.

  • Solved bug generating MIDI files.

  • Added Control Pattern example.

  • Pattern File Format Changed.

  • Added Pattern Control Edit Window.

  • Added Master Tune.

v0.16 (08/09/2003)

  • Added some info messages.

  • Changed ChangeLog format.

  • Minor bugs solved.

  • Added HTML Help Window.

  • Changed About Screen.

  • Added Collibri Style, thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE.

  • Added six Collibri Patterns, thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE.

v0.15 (01/09/2003)

  • Added Pattern.

  • Small changes in some patterns.

  • Improved Keyboard Entry Window.

  • Changed the initial mute state.

  • Solved bug changing beat 3/4/3.

  • Rearranged Menus.

  • Added Master Volume.

  • Changed splash screen, thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE.

v0.14 (26/08/2003)

  • Keyboard Entry window.

  • Mute Operation configurable.

  • Solved bug writing configuration file.

  • Changed Aluminium skin, thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE.

  • Solved bug in sequencer. Now the position slider is activated when sequencer reach the finish button.

  • Harmonizer notes are recorded, played & exported as MIDI file.

  • Added Splash Screen, thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE :-)

  • Solved bug in play, now plays the whole song recorded.

v0.13 (18/08/2003)

  • Export as MIDI file the Songs played in the organ.

  • Added Load/Save song played.

  • Added Record/Play, records what you play in the organ.

  • If sequencer starts on Pattern 0, search for the last pattern number. Thanks to Robert Jonsson.

  • Tempo in the sequencer can be changed during play. Thanks to Robert Jonsson

  • Added Stacatto-Legatto parameter for each accompaniment section.

  • Re-arranged old patterns to the "correct" lengths.

  • Solved bug in engine, now play the correct note length. That can modify some patterns.

v0.12 (14/08/2003)

  • Added Skin.

  • 3 Main windows (Main, Sequencer, Pattern Editor) resized to 800x600.

  • Added Pattern.

  • Added ACC4 and ACC5.

  • Pattern File format changed.

  • Solved bug generating Midi Files.

  • Enlarged maximum length of patterns to 8 bars. :-)

  • Added Pattern.

  • Solved bug on sequencer that causes segfault.

  • Look "normalized" in all the windows, thanks to Guy Daniel Clotilde.

v0.11 (10/08/2003)

  • Added counter for tempo, thanks to Guy Daniel Clotilde.

  • Menus re-organized, thanks to Guy Daniel Clotilde.

  • Changes in look, thanks to Guy Daniel Clotilde.

  • Minor bugs solved.

  • Solved bug in Menu Bar.

  • Solved bug in Virtual Keyboard.

  • Arranged some older patterns.

  • Small changes in Mode 2.

  • Enlarged note range in Pattern Editor.

  • Changed some auto-tools settings, thanks to Robert Jonsson.

  • Changed some compile directives, thanks to Robert Jonsson.

  • Fixed bug reading configuration file, thanks to Robert Jonsson.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Added ability to the Velocity Mixer for modify the pattern.

  • Fixed compilation in older versions of fltk.

v0.10 (07/08/2003)

  • Rearranged some patterns.

  • Rewrite Help window.

  • Look Changed.

  • Added 2 Skins.

  • Minor bugs solved.

  • Added 3 more Patterns.

  • Added ability to Skin.

  • New gmorgan Web page thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE the webmaster the page is located at

v0.09 (03/08/2003)

  • Solved Bug in Harmonize

  • Solved Bug in Transpose

  • Solved Major Bug in Global Drum Edit causes Segfault

  • Solved Major bug generating Midi Files

  • Added Rhythm Anticipation in Batch Player.

  • Main window is re-sizable (thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE).

  • Added BankLSB to extraparams window.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Look Changed (thanks to Guy Daniel CLOTILDE).

  • Added Songs.

  • Minor bugs solved.

v0.08 (30/07/2003)

  • Small revision of README file.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Added the preset files in Settings window.

  • GNU Autotoolized :-)

  • Added Virtual "funny" Chord Keyboard.

v0.07 (27/07/2003)

  • Added Harmonizer for the Right Keyb, six different types.

  • Changed the mode how Acc3 harmonizes, this modifies the notes played, but expands the future harmonizer capability's.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Enlarged the Range of Octave Change.

  • Added Copy Bars in Batch Play-Editor.

  • Added Clear Bars in Batch Play-Editor.

  • Changes in Settings window. Now when gmorgan starts, loads the specified files in your configuration.

v0.06 (23/07/2003)

  • Finally solved problem with System time, please read README file.

  • Program runs with 2 threads less.

  • Added FIFO priority.

  • Added Clear Bar in Pattern window edit for Bass,Acc1,Acc2 and Acc3.

  • Added small Help window in Pattern window edit.

  • Added Preset List Editor.

  • Added Note Drum Name Editor.

  • Added Program Change Slider.

  • Added "safe" Mode 2 for melodic accompaniments.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Minor bugs solved.

v0.05 (20/07/2003)

  • Major bugs solved now runs 3/4

  • Added Play in thirds in Acc2.

  • Added Play in sixths in Acc2.

  • Added More chords in Batch Play-Editor.

  • Added Clear Pattern in Pattern window edit.

  • Added Patterns.

  • Minor bugs solved.

v0.04 (16/07/2003)

  • New Song File format.

  • Added New in Batch Play Menu.

  • Added more markers in Batch File Play-Editor.

  • Added New marker system salt in Batch File Play-Editor.

  • Added Finish point for the entire song in Batch File Play-Editor.

  • Added Export Midi Files in Batch File Play Editor.

v0.03 (13/07/2003)

  • New Drums Pattern Editor

  • Added some "demo" patterns & songs.

  • Added more chords for batch play.

  • Added sfx drum note sounds on GMDN.txt

  • Solved bug in drum note names.

  • Solved bug in load song.

  • Solved lots of minor bugs.

v0.02 (10/07/2003)

  • Drums velocity mixer.

  • Batch Song Player-Editor.

  • Minor bugs solved.

First Release v0.01 (07/07/2003)